Forget that man

by | Sep 30, 2015 | | 0 comments

Forget those songs that you both sung
Forget why you fell in love and where
Forget those silly little things he did
to show you that he really did care

Forget those cuddles on the couch
Forget those soft slow dances
Forget the thrill when you felt his touch
Forget those ways he romances

Forget the reason why he left
Forget how he cheated and lied
Forget how heartbroken you felt
Forget how many nights you cried

Forget how he grovelled in the dust
Forget how you both tried again
Forget how you’d lost your trust
Forget that constant nagging pain

Forget the reasons you threw him out
Forget how angry he made you feel
The past’s not worth fretting about
Or your future it will steal