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It was the night before our anniversary when it all happened. Jenny and I had the most blazing row, over something trivial as usual. What had happened to us over the years? Where had it all gone wrong, and when? Was it my fault, or hers? Who knows? Eventually, in a temper she said she was leaving me for another man. That was too much for me to bear.
It was too late now to worry about the why’s and wherefore’s. Things had come to a head and now I had to deal with the situation as best I could. Meanwhile I knew I had to keep busy, but I felt numb.
I quickly drove to B & Q. There were tools and equipment that I needed for the job I knew I had to do as soon as possible. Where on earth should I start? Maybe I should have some lessons before I undertook this task. I bought what I needed and went home. I would do the job tomorrow.
I suddenly felt hungry. I obviously hadn’t lost my appetite, in spite of the trauma of our altercation. There was nothing in the fridge to tempt me. I knew Jenny would have put some ready prepared meals in the chest freezer in the utility room. She always cooked too much, never having managed to cook for two after our children left home. It saved her cooking on evenings when she was late home from work. I now knew why that happened so often lately.
I tentatively lifted the lid of the freezer and stared in.
There she lay. Not a mark on her. A vision of perfection, still with the most beautiful smile I ever saw.
10 minute tale written 21.10.15 at our Creative Wring meeting 21.10.15 to the prompt “the most beautiful smile I ever saw” (modified slightly)