To do list

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For me to do a.s.a.p.:-
Check Home Insurance – done
Put bulbs and pansies etc in when petunias finish flowering – done
Spread the 5 bags of bark when leaves have finished falling and get some more red wood chippings to spread at the back as well
Get pension sorted
Sort out paperwork and junk in red room
Get carpets cleaned (Rug Doctor)
Paint the patio door threshold
Paint the greenhouse
Handyman jobs needing doing:-
I need an aerial for bedroom TV – done
I need a doorbell working – done
Dog Run
Lighting needed in dog run plus a socket outside too so I can run the fountain in pond and use electrical equipment outside without going through the window- done
Wire netting needs fixing somehow in alley way so dog can’t yank it down again – done
Strengthening batons needed for fence panels in alley way as dog keeps jumping up against them and eventually will bust the panels – done but needs lowering a bit
Small gate needed to alley way
Trellis needs putting up for climbers near the patio doors – done
Large plants in pots need holes dug in garden (maybe Eddie will do this)
I would like a small flower bed building near dog run trellis (not a priority)
I would like an aviary down the end of the garden (not a priority)
I would like to get the water feature working so electrics from house need connecting to water feature wiring
En Suite
En suite toilet needs fixing, so does basin tap which leaks
En suite curtain rod won’t stay up
Dog Room
Electrics to freezer and fluorescent light in dog room need fixing – done
Cupboards need fixing on dog room wall – done
Worktop in dog room needs fixing properly – done
Sink needs putting into worktop in dog room – not a priority
Cream Ceramic tile floor in dog room now she has eaten the lino – priority – done

Painting  РCupboards Barley White, Walls Barley White and Berry Smoothie on feature wall Рdone

Roof tile needs fixing – Insurance Surveyor coming 18.11.15
Old kitchen cupboard could be put to some use – done
TV, fridge, old washing machine and old vacuum cleaners need scrapping – scrap metal man will only take the washing machine
I’ve seen the lights I would like but I need them putting up – done
I would like the arm fixing on my chair somehow
Archway wall needs repainting in same pink as kitchen (not a priority)
Find out why porch light doesn’t work – done
I have bought enough tiles for the window sill but they need fixing
Remainder of tiling around worktops and behind hob to match – not a priority