D.I Boris Moss was nearly 48, one of twin brothers. His brother, younger by half an hour, was called Oswald. At school this led to their nicknames being Bossy Mossy and Ozzie Mossy, which continued in later life. They were a formidable pair, with huge sense of humour and quite often used to swap seats in class to confuse their teachers, who never seemed to be able to recognise the difference between them, although Boris had a slight birthmark on his left temple.

Their mischievous humour continued into their teens, with them even swapping dates with their new girlfriends, to try to see if the girls noticed the difference. Eventually though, after leaving school at eighteen, they chose separate careers. Boris joined the police force, while Oswald went on to train as a car mechanic.

A few years later, after becoming a detective constable, the tall, dark haired, dark eyed and very good looking Boris married an attractive young blonde and blue eyed policewoman, Katie, who had recently joined the force. They went on to produce three daughters,  Emma, Hannah and Jessica, at two yearly intervals.

Katie had given up work to bring up the girls until they were at school, then returned to the police force part-time. Meanwhile Boris continued to be promoted and, after the retirement of his superior, had been promoted to detective inspector. His sergeant was Jason Markham, a mixed race ten years younger bachelor, with whom he would play squash once a week.

By this time Boris’s curly dark hair was turning grey, which he wore quite long helping to disguise his birthmark. Having more of a desk job, he kept his tall, athletic figure trim by going to the gym as often as he could, and he would go for an early morning run around the nearby lakes before work whenever possible.

Months ago Boris had fallen out with his twin brother, who had by then progressed from being a car mechanic to owning a secondhand car dealership in Bedfordshire, Moss Motors. Boris had accused him of selling on dodgy cars but, as Moss Motors was not on his patch, he had never managed to prove anything. Because Ozzie was his twin, Boris tried to turn a blind eye, but had recently been looking discreetly into his twin’s activities, without the knowledge of his sergeant or of his superior, hoping to be able to “forcibly persuade” Ozzie to stop his dodgy deals. He had always been renowned as an honest cop and certainly didn’t want to be associated with his brother’s misdemeanors.

With Boris’s busy career, and his fitness routine, he had no interest in nor any time left for gardening and DIY. He left all that to his wife, who pottered along quite happily in the garden and did all the decorating. However, he did like to cook now and again, to give Katy a break so she could go out with her mates. Sadly though, a couple of night’s ago Katy was killed in an as yet unexplained car crash, driving his car on the way home from one of her night’s out.

Boris was now on bereavement leave at their barn conversion home just outside Shambleham. a small village in Oxfordshire, trying to console his teenage daughters.

Creative writing homework February 2016:- Invent a character, a detective.

Writing Character Profiles – Questionnaire 1 (Adult Characters)
Name: Boris Moss
Age: 48
General physical description: Fit and healthy
Hometown: Shambleham, Oxfordshire
Type of home/ neighbourhood: Village
Relationship status: Widowed
Current family: Three teenage daughters, Emma, Hannah and Jessica still living with him, and a twin brother, Ozzie, living in the next county
Family background (parents, previous marriages, etc.): Parents dead, wife, Katy, died recently
Friends: Sporting acquaintances, bit of a loner
Other close relationships: Jenny, an old girlfriend with whom he had an extra marital affair years ago
Relationship with men: Brusque
Relationship with women: Flirtatious
Job: Detective Inspector
Dress style: Smart casual
Religion: C of E
Attitude to religion: Casual
Favourite pastimes: Fitness training
Hobbies: Theatre, classical concerts, the Arts
Favourite sports: Squash. swimming
Favourite foods: Italian
Strongest positive personality trait: Honest
Strongest negative personality trait: Indecisive
Sense of humour: Huge
Temper: Mild
Consideration for others: Empathetic
How other people see him/her: Attractive, strong character, opinionated, proud, remote
Opinion of him/herself: Proud but sensitive, caring
Other traits, especially those to be brought out in story: Persistent
Ambitions: to be Detective Chief Superintendent
Philosophy of life: Realist
Most important thing to know about this character: He has a twin brother Ozzie, who is a crooked car dealer, owner of Moss Motors
Will readers like or dislike this character, and why? Like him, but are wary of him