Pleiaides Poem

by | Apr 23, 2016 | Creative Writing, Proper Poetry | 0 comments

Pigeons are cooing and
pooing all over the
place, eating the seeds I’ve
put out for other birds,
perching over my young
plants and letting out big
piles of white excrement.
Pleaides is the star
pattern called Seven Sisters
perceived in the Taurus
portion of the night sky
possibly named after
“Plein” which means sail in French.
“Plain Sailing” derives from that.
Poetry’s the art of
providing a picture
putting succinct words on
paper to describe some
possibly unobserved
points of view beyond
people’s understanding.
Creative writing homework April 2016:-
Pleiaides Poem:- One word title followed by single seven line stanza, six syllables each line. First word in each tine begins with the same letter as the title.