Holiday Itinerary

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These are the plans for our holiday in Cornwall June 2016

The Property

Carnavis Cottage, Porthcothan, Cornwall
Google map ref: 50.5109128,-5.0164623


  • Make sure car has been serviced by end of May – Done
  • Make sure Karen has been insured to drive car if necessary – not necessary
  • Make sure Lexy’s vaccinations are up to date in case she needs kennelling – Valid
  • Make a shepherd’s pie to freeze for the first meal by Thursday
  • Bake a Bara Brith to take with us by Thursday
  • Do an online shop to be delivered late Saturday 9-10 slot – Done
  • Make sure all packing is done by Friday night

Lexy’s Equipment to take with us

  • Dog basket (in car)
  • Car crate (in boot)
  • 2 Dog gates (in car)
  • Dog pen (in car)
  • Dog room mat(s) (in car)
  • As many blankets as poss
  • 3 dog bowls (in boot)
  • 2 big bottles water (in boot)
  • Lexy’s rucksack (in boot):-
    Comb & Brushes
    Baby Wipes
    Dog Wipes
    Small Towel
    Large Towel
    Plastic Bowl
    Plastic Bottle
    Poop Bags
    Long Lead
    Spare head collar
    Spare collar
    Dog cleaning spray
    Ultrasonic device
  • Dog food bin (in boot)
  • Small bag Iams (in car)
  • Small box Bakers (in car)
  • 3 tins dog food (in boot)
  • Dentasticks (in car)
  • Box Markies (in car)
  • Box Gravy Bones (in car)
  • Poop bags (in boot)
  • 7 blankets (in boot)
  • 7 towels (in boot)
  • Baby wipes (in boot)
  • Cleaning cloths (in boot)
  • Disinfectant (in car)
  • Floor mop + spare head (in car)
  • Carpet brush (in car)
  • Vanish carpet spray (in car)
  • Rubbish bin and bags (in boot)
  • Vaccination certificate & vet record (in my vanity case)

Our luggage

  • Giant bottle water (in car)
  • Cooler box with food (in car)
  • My rucksack (in car)
  • My boot bag (in boot)
  • Walking stick (in boot)
  • Parasol (in boot)
  • Beach rolls (in boot)
  • My vanity case (in car)
  • My suitcase (in car)
  • My laptop case (in car)
  • Karen’s suitcase (in car)
  • Karen’s overnight bag (in car)
  • Picnic blanket (in boot)
  • Cool bag & ice block containing sarnies (in car)
  • 2 water bottles and/or juice bottles (in car)
  • Clock radio alarm (in car)


  • Up at 5am to deal with Lexy.
  • She will need a walk preferably in Park Farm before breakfast at 6am
  • Make sarnies etc
  • 7am shower and dress have own breakfast
  • 8am pack car
  • 8.45am make sure Lexy has had her final tiddle
  • Leave home by 9am.
    Journey will take 5.5 hrs plus 2 half hour stops which means we should arrive by 4pm which is the earliest we can arrive.
  • We will travel cross country to the M5 and get on either at junction 9 (Tewkesbury) or below Cheltenham, depending on the roadworks at the time. To Tewkesbury jctn 9 it usually takes me 2 hours

Services stops

  • We need to have two stops for Lexy to stretch her legs:
    One stop really should be before we get on the motorway, after nearly a couple of hours but looking at Junction 9 there is a Starbucks, M&S and petrol station just before the motorway, but it doesn’t look very dog friendly and I cannot see any way into a walk nearby however
  • approx 11.15am at Gloucester between Jct 11a and 12 there is a new services apparently which supposedly has a dog walking area
    but Google maps is not up to date so I cannot check it out. That would be 2hrs 16 mins from home if we were to travel A43, M40, A40, A436, M5 Map
  • If we were to go via M4 there looks to be a good dog walking area at Leigh Delamare Westbound Services after Swindon map
  • if we go to the end of the M5 within another couple of hours from Gloucester services, we should make Whiddon Down Services on the A30 which looks like it has a good area for dog walking away from the traffic. I like the look of this one better than the later service areas. It is 1hr 19 mins from Porthcothan
  • That route: home, Gloucester Services, Whiddon Down Services, Porthcothan would take 5hrs 12 mins plus stopping time

Alternative stops

  • if we miss the Whiddon Down Services Oakhampton services is a bit further along the A30. Not very nice food there as I recall. There is not much of an area away from the traffic, I stopped there with J&M
  • If we want to make it further there looks to be a better services at Sourton Cross between Oakhampton and Launceston with a Little Chef and a small picnic area
  • Or there is another services at Bodmin Moor where there is a Subway
  • Porthcothan is about approx 1hour14mins from Oakhampton Services, 1hr 10mins from Sourton Cross, 50 mins from Bodmin Moor services

Alternative Routes

  • From Bridgewater junction 23 on the M5 we have the choice of going off the motorway following the A39 to Minehead and then carry on along the Atlantic Highway 4hrs 41mins 150 miles (not a sensible choice but this is the way we will go home, stopping at various points to enjoy the scenic route)
    or we could get off at M5 Junction 27and follow the A361 through Tiverton until we hit the A39 at Barnstable 3hrs 5mins mins 140 miles (only an option if we are forced to take a different road due to accidents)
    or we could go to the end of the M5 and carry along the A30 to Launceston and on to the A39 at Indian Queens 2hrs 20mins 139 miles but there are usually road works we will need to check on before we travel
    or we could go via the A395 and join the A39 near Tintagel 2hrs 27 mins 134 miles
  • After Launceston at Tregadillett we will either take the A395 until we hit the A39 (but if we miss the turn it’s no big deal to travel further along the A30 until it meets the A39 to Newquay and then turn right to Padstow further along the road see below)
    Turn right off the A39 onto the A389 towards St Issey until it meets the B3274.
    Turn left along the B3274, turn right in 1.3m to junction in 2.1m turn left in 1m then onto B3276 heading for Porthcothan.
    The property is the second group of buildings on the right down the last turn on the right off the B3276 before Porthcothan Beach (opposite the big pub Tredrea Inn)
    Map of the route


  • Or from Launceston continue along A 30 until  we hit the A39 at Indian Queens
    Turn right onto A39 towards Padstow
    Turn left at B3274
    Turn left in 3 miles after a load of glasshouses on the left (should be signposted St Merryn)
    Turn left just after holiday park on a bend in 1 mile (should be signposted Porthcothan)
    At junction in 1 mile turn left onto B3276 signposted Newquay
    1 mile to Porthcothan
    Turn right at Treadrea Inn
    The property is the second group of buildings on the right down the last turn on the right off the B3276 before Porthcothan Beach (opposite the big pub Tredrea Inn)
    47miles 58 mins from Launceston
    Map of that route from Launceston


On Arrival

  • There should be a box of breakfast provisions waiting for us
    (12 eggs, 12 rashers bacon, 6 sausages, black pudding, bread)
    I will need to take milk, butter, marmalade, cereals, tea, coffee, herbs, spices and condiments.
  • Lexy will need to be settled in the garden as soon as we arrive and her equipment unpacked and put in place, then we can unpack and sort out our rooms
  • I will take a homemade frozen shepherd’s pie and some veg to cook for supper plus some yoghurts and bottled water. These should all fit into the one cool box.
  • I will have done a small on line shop to arrive either late Saturday, 9-10pm, to stock the larder, fridge and freezer for meals for the rest of the week which will save us having to go for a stock up shop
  • Weather permitting we will have an exploratory walk around the fields to the SW Coastal path and to Porthcothan beach. My prime consideration is that Lexy feels comfortable with her new surroundings before we venture further afield, so it may mean that we have to stay locally on Sunday as well

Trips Out

Beaches and Walks

See Beaches and Walks near Porthcothan
I think that is all we can fit in. Maybe I should have booked a fortnight!

Local Pubs/Restaurants etc

Useful Contacts

  • Vet:
    01841 520647 Penmellyn Vets, Riviera, St Merryn, PL28 8NR (opposite St Merryn School) 8.30 – 11.00, 14.30 – 1800 Mon-Fri
    : 01637 880307  Penmellyn Vets, Station Road, St Columb Major, TR9 6BX
  • Kennels:
    Wadebridge Boarding Kennels 01208 813944 Haycrock, St Breock, Wadebridge PL27 7LL (11miles) £14 per dog per night collection service 40p per mile Mon-Sat 10.00-17.00 Sun 11.00-16.00
  • Medical Centre:
    Petroc Group Practice:
    St Merryn: 2m 4mins 01841 520394 Open 08.45-12.15 Mon, Wed, Fri
    Padstow: 5m 12mins 01841 532346 Open Mon-Fri 08.30-18.00
    St Columb Major: 7m 17mins 01637 880359 Open Mon-Fri 08.30-1800
  • A&E Hospital:
    Royal Cornwall Hospital Treliske, Truro, TR1 3LQ (20m) 01852 250000
    Map of the route

  • Chemist:
    8-10 Market St Padstow PL28 8AL 01841 532327
  • Dentists:
    Coastal Dental Studio, Sandy Lane, Trevone, PL28 8RE (4miles) 01841 520160
    Padstow Dental Practice, 18 Riverside, Padstow PL28 8BY 01841 532373 09.00-17.30
    St Pirran Dental Practice, Trevelyan, Wheal Leisure, Perranporth TR6 0EY
    01872 672068 08.30-17.00
  • Police Station:
    Wadebridge Police Station  (11m) Whiterock Road Wadebridge PL27 7DR
    0900 – 1700 hrs 5 days per week (closed 1400 – 1445 hrs)
    0870 577 7444 or 0845 277 7444 Phone 101 for emergencies
  • Taxis
    Atlantic Cabs
    St Merryn 07544 544450
    Call a Cab, Padstow 01841 521184 / 07866 410102 (dog friendly)
    St Merryn Taxis 01841 521982 / 07817 240481
  • Train

Bus, Ferry times

  • There appear to be two buses 56 and 56 with similar schedules so not sure whether this info is up to date. Both services are from Newquay to Padstow and back, and they both stop at all the local beaches. It is half an hour to Padstow and just under an hour to Newquay
  • 56 Bus Timetable
    to Padstow 7:54, 9:39, 11:14, 14:14,16:04, 15:59
    to Newquay 7:30, 9:25, 10:55, 12:25, 14:08, 15:55, 18:05
  • 556 Bus Timetable
    to Padstow 7:54, 9:44, 11:14, 12:44, 14:14, 15:59 or 16:04, 17:59.
    to Newquay 7:30, 9:25, 10:55, 12:25, 14:03, 15:55, 18:00
  • Padstow – Rock Ferry runs every 20 mins. Last ferry from Rock 6.30pm or from Padstow 6.50pm Adults £4 return, dogs £1, Bikes £4

Newquay to Scilly Isles trips

  • Check in 1 hour beforehand, check in closes 30 mins beforehand. Can travel either by Skybus from Newquay Airport or Scillonian from Penzance Harbour or combo from Lands End airport.
  • Passport not required but ID necessary (bus pass, driving licence, bank car, credit card)
  • Skybus cabin luggage allowance = small handbag 3kg 30x15x15 cm plus coat, camera, binoculars, book. Hold allowance 15kg
  • Scillonian hand luggage allowance = small bag 5kg 40x25x20 cm
  • Via Skybus adult £105 each way, dog £40 each way (in a crate) leaves Newquay Airport 8.00 or 8.45 arrives 8.30 or 9.15, leaves St Mary’s airport 16.50 or 18.05 arrives Newquay 17.20 or 18.35
  • By Scillonian 9.15 from Penzance Harbour return 16.30 Adult £45 each way Dogs £7.50 each way

Saturday 25th

  • We need to vacate the property by 10am
  • I haven’t paid for a full clean so, to not lose my damage deposit:-
    The beds need to be stripped
    Surfaces, cooker, bath etc need to be clean
    Hoovering needs to be done
  • Journey home via Atlantic Highway:
    driving through Boscastle and possibly stopping just for a few photos;
    stopping at Lynmouth for a short walk up the river and back the other side followed by a pasty or fish and chips;
    stopping at top of Exmoor in the clearing on the A39 to have a wander around and view Porlock Bay;
    driving through Porlock and if we can find a place to park stopping for a reminisce;
    driving into West Luccombe to walk Lexy a short way up along the stream where we used to walk when we stayed there;
    then tramp on home meeting the M5 at Bridgewater,
    stopping at the first services for Lexy to have a stretch before the remainder of the journey home hopefully leaving after 7.30pm when all the traffic has diminished:-
    M5, M42, M6, A14, A509 which usually takes about 2.5 hours