Conversation on a Plane

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“I wonder how much longer we will have to sit on this stupid runway going nowhere.”
“Lord only knows.”
“I get very nervous waiting to take off, don’t you?”
“No not really. I just get cross at the delay.”
“This means I’m going to be late at the other end. I am going to miss my connection.”
“Oh dear.”
“Have you been here on holiday?”
“I have. I’ve been staying with my mother for a couple of weeks. My brother and I had a holiday with her in Cornwall this year. The first actual holiday together since my brother and I were teenagers.”
“That’s nice.”
“Yes it was, but we only had a week down there. The rest of the time I’ve been staying with my mother.”
“Oh right.”
“Frankly I’ll be glad to get home again.”
“Oh, really?”
“Yes. It is a bit of a pain but I have to come back here at least once a year to stay with my mum. Personally I’d rather have gone on holiday to Hawaii.”
“Yes. Me and my partner went to Hawaii for a month at Christmas a couple of years ago. We had a fabulous time. I’d love to go again. Have you ever been?”
“Oh, you should if you ever get the opportunity. I’d like to live there… Ah… something is happening out there. I wonder if that means we will be taking off soon.”
“I hope so.”
“Anyway I quite enjoyed my stay this year, especially going to Cornwall. I like Cornwall. You ever been to Cornwall.”
“Luckily I could still carry on working during my stay there. That is when the internet was working. It was a bit spasmodic there. I’m a website developer, so I work on line, when it’s working”
“That’s useful.”
“Yes, otherwise I think I would go mad. My mother drives me mad after a couple of days. She is so… well… so stuck in her ways, I suppose.”
“Ah, right.”
“I wonder if the plane will be taking off soon.”
“I hope so.”
“Have you been here on business?”
“Do you live here then?”
“Oh. So you’ve not been on holiday nor on business and you don’t live here. So what brought you here then?”
“Oh, this and that.”
“I wonder what those officials are doing. It looks like they are searching for something.”
“I hope they don’t think there is a bomb on board.”
“Probably not.”
“You look a bit pale. Are you okay.”
“No…. actually, will you excuse me please.”
“Yes of course…
… “Hey, mister! You left your bag here….”


“Stewardess, It’s a real pain having to get off this plane and change to another. I’ll be late for my connecting flight. Oh, and I’m a bit worried about the passenger who was next to me. He didn’t look very well and he went to the loo about ten minutes ago. He’s not come back to his seat, but his bag is still here… erm… Why are the armed police taking that man away? That’s the man who was sitting next to me. Has he done something wrong?”

Creative Writing homework July 2016 “A conversation on a plane”