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At last Summer days are here
I go out to take the air
but there is wildlife out there
absolutely everywhere.
I walk straight outside into
webs that stick to me like glue
and a snail I’ve just crushed too
right there underneath my shoe.
That scabby squashed slimy snail
left a tell tale silver trail
leading from my hosta pot.
His meal sure did cost a lot.
That spider shouldn’a oughta
drop in my glass of water
before I drain it away.
He’d likely drown, I would say.
A big buzzing bumble bee
has bumbled into a tree
so I try hard him to free
without him then stinging me.
Ants are running all around
emerging from underground
attracted up by the heat.
Some are crawling on my feet.
Pigeon’s just pooped on my chair.
he’s perched in the tree up there.
I just can’t sit anywhere.
It’s really not very fair.
I think indoors I should bide,
watching the wildlife outside.
It’s too uncomfortable for me
out in my garden to be.
Creative Writing July 2016 Poetry Homework: Wildlife