Trois-par-Huit poem

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Spider’s web

Dainty lace
glistened across the space
between my house and alfresco place.

Waiting to wind around me with its sticky hair
as I wander outside and through its deadly lair.

But just before I stepped through the door
a huge spider I saw
in its jaw.

Creative Writing homework August 2016 – Trois-par-Huit (Three-by-Eight)
3 stanzas of 3/3/2 lines or 3/2/3 lines, total of 8 lines, syllable count 3/6/9/12/12/9/6/3, rhyming pattern AABBBCCC where the last line is the title and summarizes the meaning of the poem. (Okay so the last line is not really a very good title for the poem but I couldn’t find enough to rhyme with web!)

Inspired by watching the webs outside my patio doors in the early morning sunlight which I have to clear away every day before I can walk through my patio doors! Today there were two connecting webs, both with spiders in them. Eventually they made their way towards each other and I thought it would be a fight to the death, but the smaller spider beat a hasty retreat as the bigger one went to grab it and escaped on a thread. I wish I had a camera to video that.