Whatever the Weather

by | Feb 22, 2017 | Seasons | 0 comments

I moved from the midlands
to live near the sea
in my favourite county
at sunny Newquay.
It’s much warmer in the west
but often windier and wetter,
yet whatever the weather
living here is much better.
The wild winds that
rage in from the sea
and Cornish mists, mizzle or drizzle
do not deter me.
Staring from my windows my view is amazing:
ducks in a pond with their bums in the air
and in the fields beyond horses are grazing.
So whatever the weather I really don’t care.
On rainy days we don’t go far,
we just walk around near where we are
or maybe go to the park in the car.
But on sunny days I walk my dog and me
across to the cliffs and sit staring out to sea,
and then it’s home again for a Cornish Cream Tea.