Naughty, but Nice

by | Jul 29, 2018 | Creative Writing, Short Stories | 0 comments

She lifted the beaters from the bowl and cake batter splattered all over everything.

“That’s your fault!” Angela screamed. “Why did you have to choose now to tell me?”

James looked sheepish. “Well, it was better than telling you when you were chopping up vegetables or carving the joint. Who knows what you would have done with the knife in your hand!”

Angela grabbed a damp cloth from the sink, and started wiping down the worktop angrily. “I was only making this wretched cake because your mother was coming. Now you tell me she’s not coming anyway. I suppose that means you will be off out again on the golf course all day tomorrow. And it’s Sunday. What am I supposed to do all day?”

“Do what you like, darling. You usually do anyway. You don’t need me around. You haven’t needed me here on a Sunday for years.”  James nonchalantly picked up his golf magazine and started reading it.

Angela snarled “Well it would be nice if we could go somewhere together tomorrow, for a change, seeing as your mother isn’t coming,” She dunked her cloth in the washing up bowl before squeezing it out, like she was wringing his neck. She started vigorously wiping down the cupboard doors.

James gave her a wry smile, sighed and carried on reading his magazine. “So where would you like us to go, dear?”

“I don’t care! Anywhere! Anywhere away from these four walls.” Angela scraped the cake mix into the tin that she had already greased before James’s revelation. “I suppose I had better bake the cake anyway. You can take it and share with your golf friends at the 19th hole. I won’t be eating any of it. I’m on a diet.” Angela put the cake tin in the oven, and set the timer.

Next day James drove off in his car, with the cake in a tupperware container. However, at the end of the road, instead of turning left towards the golf course, he turned right. Just around the corner he turned into a driveway and parked up, his car hidden from the road behind a high hedge.

Susie was waiting for him at the front door. “I had the dickens of a job getting away today,” said James as he hugged her. “But here I am, my love, and I have brought us a cake for later.”

Susie giggled mischievously, as she pulled him into the house, slipping her negligee off her shoulders to reveal her naked body. “Great! I love chocolate cake. Naughty, but nice! But first, we’ve got something much naughtier to do.” They headed upstairs.

Meanwhile, after James had left, Angela quickly packed her suitcase. She checked her new passport and airline ticket were in her bag, before heading for the airport.

Sitting in the sunshine supping a piña colada on the balcony of her hotel room in Buenos Aires the next day, Angela picked up her new phone to read the on-line news. She smiled with satisfaction when she read the headline: “Couple murdered in Wolverhampton. Police hunt for missing wife. Death by chocolate cake suspected.”