November Poem-A-Day Challenge 2018

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Day 1 – Write a “Glorious” poem
Day 2 – Write a “Darkest Hour” poem
Day 3 – Write a “Tired of ?????” poem
Day 4 – Write an “Apologetic” poem
Day 5 – Write a “Private” poem
Day 6 – Write a “Lost” or “Found” poem, or both
Day 7 – Write a poem with an occupation as its title
Day 8 – Write a poem that hints at something
Day 9 – Write a “Burn ?????” poem
Day 10 -Write a “Teenage” poem
Day 11- Write a “Forgiveness” poem
Day 12- Write a “Disaster” poem

Day 1 – Write a “Glorious” poem
I hoped my garden would look great this year
ever since spring bulbs started to appear.
I grew bedding plants from seeds in my shed
in colours of pink, yellow, purple and red.
But when I planted my young tender plants
out came slugs, snails, caterpillars and ants.
Next day my pretty plants had all gone
just leaving stalks with no leaves or flowers on.
My apple tree had so much blossom on
but dropped all its tiny fruits one by one.
My tomato plants started fruiting up well
but didn’t develop in the dry spell.
Our glorious summer came to an end
when gale force winds caused my young tree to bend.
My new garden has suffered a huge cost
as lots of plants have been killed off by frost.
My lawn looked like straw cos we had no rain
and then looked patchy when it grew again.
My lawn mower broke: it doesn’t hover.
I wonder if it’s all worth the bother?
Day 2 – Write a “Darkest Hour” poem
The darkest hour is just before dawn,
or that is what I’ve heard people say,
and I’ve found that saying to be true
when I lie awake waiting for day.
Appropriate too that saying was
after the darkest hour in my life,
the time when my poor heart was broken
when my cheating husband left his wife.
The dawn of my new life took its time
but finally, when the sun came out
long after I’d shed so many tears,
I wondered what I had cried about.
Day 3 – Write a “Tired of ?????” poem
I will never get tired of the view
of beaches and surfers on the sea
that I get here in sunny Newquay
as I’m out walking from A to B.
I will never get tired of the view
from my home, in fact I’m very fond
of the gardens round the wildlife pond
with trees and hedges in fields beyond.
I will never get tired of the view
watching my new garden as it grows
in sunshine, in rain or if it snows,
or even when the wildest wind blows.
I will never get tired of the view
of my dog running around the park
chasing her ball with a joyous bark
or sniffing what might have left its mark.
I will never get tired of my life.
I find new views and places to play
and new people I meet on the way.
My life seems to get better each day.
Day 4 – Write an “Apologetic” poem
I’m sorry I had to leave you all.
I’m sorry I had to say “Goodbye”
but I yearned to go live in Cornwall
and be near the sea until I die.
You see, life’s much too short to waste time
wishing that I’d moved here long before,
and now I’m no longer in my prime
I feel the call of the cliffs and shore.
So please forgive me for leaving you
but you could always come here to stay
and breathe the fresh sea air like I do,
as I walk the Cornish coast each day.
Day 5 – Write a “Private” poem
I have something I want to confess.
There’s a sign by a wooded pathway
that says “Private. No public access.”
But I ventured along it one day.
I strolled along enjoying the view,
that to the public had been denied,
of turquoise sea ‘neath a sky so blue
and a speedboat bobbing on the tide.  .
Lush gardens flowed down to the seashore
only to be seen by a select few.
Curiously I walked a few yards more
until a luxury house came into view.
This pathway just led to someone’s home.
I was starting to feel a little scared.
and sadly returned the way I had come..
Such a shame this view could not be shared.
Day 6 – Write a “Lost” or “Found” poem, or both
I lost my friends when I moved away.
They say it’s too far to come to stay.
I soon started looking for some more.
I’d find plenty, of that I was sure.
So I joined our local U3A
where they live, learn and laugh as they play.
I’ve found interesting things to do
and now serve on the Committee too.
It’s never too late to start again.
My old friends thought I was quite insane.
My new friends think I was very brave.
My late in life move was a brainwave.
Day 7 – Write a poem with an occupation as its title
No more having to work to a tight deadline.
No more having to check the bottom line.
Oh yes there is. The poem needs to rhyme
and will I do my poem-a-day in time?
No more checking the figures look good,
but does the poem flow as it should?
No more having to agree all the totals,
but has each line got enough syllables?
Having now retired from number crunching
I would rather be with friends out lunching.
No more having to work from nine to five,
I can write poems each day and feel alive.
Day 8 – Write a poem that hints at something
She feigned friendship when she came to stay.
We trusted her. We thought she looked okay,
dressed well and spoke with an educated voice.
How could we know we’d have no choice
but to offer her a room for the night
to help her through her dreadful plight?
He lies abandoned
in a foreign land.
Unwanted hound
locked in a pound,
too frail to wail
or wag his tail.
He lies condemned
with no best friend.
A new home’s found:
he’s England bound,
all nicely groomed.
No longer doomed.
He lies on his rug
feeling loved and snug.
Day 9 – Write a “Burn ?????” poem
Day 10 -Write a “Teenage” poem
Day 11 – Write a “Forgiveness” poem
Day 12 – Write a “Disaster” poem
Mother told me I must not jump over the wall
but, being reckless, I took no notice at all.
I watched all the other kids having so much fun
thinking how it wasn’t fair that I should have none
because I had broken my arm some months before.
I shouldn’t have to be careful for ever more.
I jumped and I fell. It was a real disaster:
I ended up having my arm back in plaster.