Doggie Ditties

Inspired by my German Shepherd sisters, Jezebel and Myschka

When I first had an Alsation years ago I fell irrevocably in love with that breed. Once in love with a German Shepherd, as they are now called, there is no going back. My latest two girls inspired me to write my “Doggy Ditties” as if they were written by them. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Doggie WalkWe’ll get our walk today

Our Mum has got her hat on – Hip, hip, hip, hip, hooray!
Our Mum has got her hat on so we’ll get our walk today.
Yesterday she sat there looking very pale –
she didn’t drink or eat all day so we missed our treats as well!

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Window WatchingJezzie Behave

My sister really is a pain –
she’s on my settee, and barking again!
My mum will get cross, and I know she will shout,
and the next thing will be – we’ll have to go out!

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I’m lying here doing my very best pose –
I’m trying to be still and not twitch my nose.
My Mum said “say cheese” but I don’t think I could,
so I’ll just lie here quietly and try to be good.

I'm such a contented dogContentment

Here I lie with my feet in the air,
I’ve had a good day and I haven’t a care.
We had a good walk in the great Autumn sun,
we sniffed all the trees and we had a good run.
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