Murder at Hardstonecourt Hall

I have always enjoyed hosting Murder Mystery Parties for my social group who are latent thespians it seems, and after many corny murders acted out at my house, I decided to start writing this Murder Mystery play for them all to perform. I have, of course, based the characters on the various characters in my social group, and tailored their parts to suit them. I am sure they will forgive me for the misdemeanours and atrocities I shall be attributing to their characters! I assure you, they are entirely fictitious.

Tragically, one of my close friends, and one of the central characters in this play, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I wanted to complete the play so that she would be able to perform it, but before I was able to finish the first act she suffered a rapid decline and I stopped writing. However, I will modify the play, and finish it when I am able, and it will be dedicated to her memory.

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