Other Short Stories


Having retired from my career in Accounting, now I have time to enjoy my writing hobby. I have recently joined a Creative Writing Group in our local, so I am hoping to improve my writing techniques with a view to publishing some novelty books. The first of these is work-in progress, comprising a series of short stories written under the influence of Creative Writing with common central characters called ‘The Cottage‘.

Some other examples of my early fiction work are below:-

The Ice Cream Sandwich
This was her fourth ice cream sandwich in a row. She was out of control. It was probably because she had deprived herself of so much during Lent, but that was no excuse for pigging out on Easter Monday. Brighton seemed to have that effect on her. First go to Harry Ramsden’s for fish and chips – there could be none better in the world. Then saunter down the pier watching the kids pumping their money into slot machines in the amusement arcades, just like she used to do before she became ‘sensible’. Then wander along the front looking to see how many youngsters were brave enough to take a dip at that time of year, as she had done as a teenager, while her parents were sitting wrapped up in thick overcoats on their picnic blanket spread over the shingle. Oh the memories that came flooding back!
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The Lamp Post on the Corner
“Well Inspector, it was in the small hours – about 1 o’clock. Leaning on the lamp post at the corner of my street, I saw a young man smoking a cigarette. I didn’t take much notice of him at the time, but when he was still there ten minutes later, I gave him a closer look, wondering what he was doing there. He was very good looking, with dark brown hair, and heavy dark eyebrows, a little too close together for my liking. However, I did notice that he had a large, jagged scar across his right cheek. I remember thinking what a pity it was – it spoiled his looks.
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The ‘M’ Word
In her madness, mild-mannered Martha mistakenly mixed mustard into the miniature meatballs made for the meal at the Mad March meeting of Manchester Masons. Meanwhile, making sure the musical melodies were meaningful, Master of Ceremonies, Micky Mercury, masticated merrily on the marvelous morsels. “Mmmmmm. These meatballs are moorish”, he mumbled, mopping his mucky mustache, and mentioned that maybe Martha might make more to merchant at the Mayor’s Meat Market on Monday morning.
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Shipwreck Rescue
The diver entered the hull of the ship through the gaping hole that had sunk her.
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The Will Reading
“There are a few things you need to know before we start,” said the solicitor at Mary’s mother’s will reading. “As you are aware, your mother signed over her house to you three years before she died, which meant that in the last few years of her life you and Cyril had full control of the house.
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Just another Tourist with a Camera
He had started the morning as just another tourist with a camera.
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