The Days of my Youth

My memoirs of my early days are mostly private, and can only be read by my family and friends who have the password. If you are a friend of mine and the subject matter intrigues you enough to want to read on, please email me privately, and I will let you have a temporary password so you can access the story, if it is one I wish to be read by someone other than my close family.

However, there are other memoirs that are freely available to be read by the world, and I have attached a link to those. My Memoirs>>

My Earliest Recollections

I am different from anyone I know. I am different from anyone in the world. And yet, I am sure I am the same as everyone. Continue reading ?


Life in the Early 50’s
A New Life
We started our new life in ***********, in a brand new house, on a brand new council estate. A new life, new friends, and a new school. Continue reading ?


Holidays in the 50’s and early 60’s

Holidays in the 50?s were really special to us kids. They weren’t the type of holidays kids enjoy these days, where they fly off to exotic places or do exciting things like skiing, scuba diving, pony trekking or even going on safari. No, we just packed our suitcases with enough clothes to deal with any type of British weather, and got on a train to a holiday camp in a British coastal resort. Continue reading ?

a Musical Walk down my Memory Lane
One Fine Day 
Long before I was born, my mother Dora was a trained opera singer. During World War II she used to entertain the troops on leave in her city, with various songs from the era. A bit like Vera Lynne, or Gracie Fields, although unfortunately my mother never achieved fame like they did! A pity they didn’t have “X Factor” in those days! Continue reading ?