Having retired from my career in Accounting, now I have time to enjoy my writing hobby. I have recently joined a Creative Writing Group, so I am hoping to improve my writing techniques with a view to publishing some novelty poetry books.  I am now learning various different types of poetry, most of which are not really my style, I’m more into comic rhyming verse. However, we are set homework each month to write a different style of poem. The first was to write a Musette – which is not my style at all!

A Musette – Winter Headcold

Bit sad –
Winter snuffles,
Glands bad!
Sore throat,
Coughing, sneezing,
Sick note –
In bed,
Won’t be walking –
Bad Head!
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The Girl by the Lamp Post

Dishevelled, unkempt and all alone
she sprawled by the lamp post outside my home.
Where had she come from, and where had she been?
Had she been scared by some sight that she’d seen?
Five o’clock in the morning – had she been there all night?
She really looked a pathetic sight.
Was she simply a druggie or a wayward drunk?
She look like she’d leaned there and then just sunk
from the support of the post to the cold, hard ground.
Head flopped on her chest, she was not making a sound.
I watched her a while but she moved not at all.
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