Having semi-retired from my career in Accounting, now I have time to enjoy my writing hobby. I thought it would be nice to attach poems or anecdotes to some of my holiday or pet photos. I have recently joined a Creative Writing Group, so I am also hoping to improve my writing techniques with a view to publishing some novelty books. To protect myself from having my own name plastered all over Google whenever I submit any poems or stories to another website, I now write under my pseudonym of Jezebel Myschka. I have had work published under the name of JM in various websites and ezines, including poemhunter.com, helium.com, thefirstline.com and was featured in 2012 Fall edition of clevermag.com.

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Doggy Ditties and Siamese Tails

I have kept pets all my life – lots of them, and sometimes in large numbers. Starting with a black kitten I had for my sixth birthday, followed by a green budgie when I was thirteen, I have never been without a pet, and can’t imagine my life without one. Over the years I have kept an assortment of cats, starting with moggies and moving on to Siamese cats. Once you’ve had a Siamese, that’s it. No other type of cat is going to fill that space in your heart! My last Siamese cat was quite a character, and inspired my “Siamese Tails” which I wrote several years ago as a series of letters from my cat to my Mother’s dog.

Jezebel & Myschka 11 years old Although I’ve lived with other breeds of dogs, when I first had an Alsation I fell irrevocably in love with that breed. Once in love with a German Shepherd, as they are now called, I don’t think there is any going back. I am obsessed by them! I cannot pass one in the street without stopping to admire it. My latest two girls inspired my “Doggy Ditties”. I hope you enjoy reading the stories and verses about my pets, as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them. 

Light a candle

Light a candle

West Country Tales

From my early childhood I have holidayed regularly in the West Country. North Cornwall scenery was my Mother’s favourite, and became mine too. Almost every other year I get a burning desire to return to what feels like my second home. Having several pets, in the past it made more sense to buy a caravan and holiday in the UK where we could take our pets with us. However, we also had our fair share of holidays in Devon and North Somerset. I have amassed many photos over the years of the scenery in the West Country, which conjure up some wonderful memories. Some have inspired me to wax lyrical. 


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